Nat's HenNat's HenNat's HenNat's HenNat's HenNat's HenNat's HenNat's Hen

Earlier this year, my very lovely friend Natalie asked me, along with two eager accomplices, to plan her hen.  My thoughts immediately turned to how we would cater the event – no surprises there then!
My co-planners, Laura & Tash, kindly allowed me to hijack Saturday’s lunch, which – since Nat is a keen politico – we decided would have a Conservative Party theme.  Of course, this didn’t involve a pow-wow with David Cameron, more like a peppering of blue decorations (read blue & white gingham napkins sitting alongside DIY Kraft menus) & aptly named games; ‘Prime Minister’s questions’ & such like.
I planned a summer lunch of spinach, feta & pine nut filo pastry pie accompanied by salads galore. As usual, I wildly overcatered & much to the delight of our hen attendees, everyone got to go home with leftovers for a post-hen pick me up.
A beautiful Victorian house in Tooting, London (click here for details) provided the backdrop for our meal & the only additions required were my mandatory run of jam jar vases down the centre of the table.
The whole weekend went swimmingly & was topped only by the wedding.  For those interested, lunch was closely followed by a 90’s dance class, (in which we only managed to learn about 6 seconds of the routine, much to our teacher’s disdain) an obligatory night-out in Tooting & a ‘choux pastry’ lesson the next morning.

See above for the lunch menu & some snaps taken by Tash (who you can find over at


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