A lot of the past week or so has been taken up wistfully pondering my New Year’s resolutions.  For example, I must respond to all emails/texts/whatsapp messages within an hour of their receipt instead of abandoning them until prompted (this is embarrassing & must stop happening!), I must stop leaving half-drunk cups of tea around the flat etc etc.

But, the most important of my resolutions is that cheese must not make up 90% of the meals I consume.  You see, for the past few years I have been having a great love affair with cheese (blue, yellow, creamy, milky – however the curdle crumbles…) & although, in a bid to protect my arteries, I’ve decided that we should start seeing each other less, I was aghast to realise that I am yet to post a recipe mentioning it.

So while other food bloggers might be serving up recipes for green juices loaded with vitamins or calorie friendly meals I am instead compelled to start the new year with a post on one of my favourite fruit cheese combinations; creamy buffalo mozzarella with griddled peaches.  I’ve also added rocket as I find the pepperiness really lends itself to the existing flavours.

Feeds 2

1 125g ball of buffalo mozzarella // generous handful of rocket leaves; washed & dried // 2 white fleshed ripe peaches // extra virgin olive oil // sea salt & pepper

Get your griddle pan on to a high heat & leave it warming up for a few minutes while you prepare your peaches.  Cut each peach in half and remove the stone, then cut each half into quarters so you have 16 wedges in total.  Lay the segments diagonally onto the griddle pan & leave for approx. 2 minutes on each side until you’re left with dark charr marks.  Leave to cool.

To assemble, simply rip the mozzarella into chunks & layer with the rocket & griddled peaches on some fancy schmancy plates.  Finish with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of salt & pepper.

If you’re after a more substantial dressing then I think a balsamic syrup or a drizzle of honey would also work well.


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