Now, I am by no means an expert on nutrition or healthy eating but I am definitely interested in looking after my body & eating well.  Here are a couple of recent healthy additions to my pantry:

Pantry Essentials1. MERIDIAN ALMOND BUTTER WHOLE NUT SPREAD // I’m a die-hard peanut butter fan so naturally was a little skeptical when I saw reviews of Meridian’s almond butter making the rounds on various health & lifestyle blogs; could this healthy alternative really compare?  After a LOT of (tasty) research I can confirm that the answer is yes; it’s deliciously rich in flavour AND has plenty of nutritional benefits to boot.  It’s high in monounsaturated fats which reduce cholesterol levels & keep your heart healthy, is an excellent source of protein & contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, folic acid & Vitamins B & E!
S-O-T-H TIP: Slather on crackers, use in baking or just eat it straight outta the jar like I do.

2. BIONA AGAVE LIGHT SYRUP // Agave Syrup frequents the pages of Honestly Healthy – Natasha Corrett’s health food bible.  It’s a natural unrefined sweetener and therefore a far healthier alternative to using sugar or chemical-packed synthetic sweeteners.
S-O-T-H TIP: I follow Natasha’s lead & use Agave in all sorts of guilt-free treats. Her sticky seed flapjacks & Granola bars are guaranteed not to disappoint!

3. PEARL BARLEY // Who loves risotto? I do! (you can’t see – but I’m jumping up & down waving my hand in the air!) Well, have you ever tried making it with Barley? It’s a healthy alternative to a more traditional creamy risotto (It soothes digestion, supports liver function & lowers cholesterol) AND is low in fat – score!
S-O-T-H TIP: Look out for my mushroom risotto recipe – it’s super easy, quick & jam-packed full of flavour.

4. BRAHAM & MURRAY GOOD OIL // I actually stumbled across this hemp seed oil by accident; I was in my local health food shop & they didn’t have any olive oil brands that I recognised so I picked up a bottle of Good Oil & after a quick read of the label I was instantly won over by all its health benefits.  Here’s a short(-ish) overview stolen from their website:

Higher content of Omega 3, 6, & 9 than any other culinary oil
Naturally rich in Omega 3
1 table spoon (10ml) of Hemp seed oil contains 94% of the daily recommended intake of Omega 3 (!)
Half the saturated fat of olive oil
Contains ZERO trans fats
10 ml of Good Oil contains as much GLA as 6 Evening Primrose Oil capsules
Hemp Seed oil can contribute to treat cardiovascular disease and rheumatoid arthritis
Contributes to the health of hair & skin, and helps cholesterol, immune system and joints

So there you go, it’s basically a wonder oil!
S-O-T-H TIP: Its nutty flavour means that it’s perfect simply drizzled over a salad.


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